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Connect on The MET!

Muskoka Extended Transit (The MET) is a pilot project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). 

The goal of the MET is to make it easier for people living in more rural areas of Muskoka to get to communities, programs and services. 

Using school buses during the day, there are eight MET routes throughout Muskoka.  The following are the links to each route's schedule.




The MET runs its routes when school buses are running.  If school buses are cancelled or not running, The MET also is not running. (includes weather cancellations, school and summer holidays)

Because bus drivers must be back in time to pick up students, they must stick to the schedule and cannot wait for passengers.

As with any new project, we appreciate your patience as we grow!   Thank you!



Pricing - CASH ONLY

Adults  =  $3.00 one way or $5.00 *return

Teens 13-18  =  $2.00 (includes *return)

Children 12 and under = $1.00 (includes *return)

Preschool Passengers travel FREE

*Return tickets will be giving out by the busdriver.

Should organizations or customers wish to purchase tickets in advance (Complimentary Passes), please email Muskoka Extended Transit at  Pricing will be $5.00 as complimentary passes include return fare.

MET Contact Information

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!!


Tel:        1-844-440-6387