Key Initiatives

There is a constant search for new ways to provide services to the community and work better with allied agency partners. The Community Services department at The District Municipality of Muskoka continues to work with others to develop new programs, initiatives and outreach for our vulnerable population. In a nutshell, our goal is to help others live better lives in Muskoka, and we do everything we can to create opportunities.

A number of innovative initiatives recently developed has generated a ton of interest and provided assistance to thousands of people in our communities. One example, the Corridor 11 Bus, now offers transportation between communities from Huntsville to Barrie, with several stops in between. Students attending college or university in Huntsville, Bracebridge, Orillia or Barrie can now take the bus to campus. Seniors with medical appointments in Orillia or Barrie now have a direct route from Muskoka to the hospital. Community members who are unemployed are now able to access transportation to travel to another part of Muskoka to access more jobs.

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