Innovation Fund Project - Children's Outreach

Innovation Fund Project - Outreach to Hard-to-reach/hard-to-engage People in Muskoka

Project Outline
The project will bring together all children’s service community agencies to review their outreach efforts and the opportunities and barriers to connect with hard to reach families and children. 
They will be asked to consider best practices in outreach in rural, remote communities like Muskoka and to apply those practices as appropriate. 
The major project outcome is the development and implementation of an action plan for a broad-based community outreach system which would include individual agency efforts as well as collaborative strategies to improve the outreach outcomes. It also involves the use of a common project monitoring system developed for the Community Information website.
At the end of the initial activities, agencies would reconvene, review the results, the lessons learned and revise the action plan as required and commit to continue with implementing the plan collaboratively.

Target Population

Hard-to-reach/hard-to-engage families and their children

Outreach Definition

Activities and/or efforts to increase the accessibility to and utilization of services and supports through direct intervention and interaction with a target population.

Project to Date
  • Ministry approval of proposal for Innovation Fund.
  • Executive committee convened.
  • Consultant hired and project plan approved.
  • 25 agencies invited to provide input about the current outreach activities in the District, the challenges and opportunities to improve outreach and ideas for collaborative work on behalf of the community.
  • Interviews are currently being conducted.
  • Planning for an Outreach Conference is underway.
  • Conference scheduled for January 21st.  Heads up notice to set aside that date has been sent out to the 25 agencies and the respondents to the interview questions.