Muskoka Food & Agriculture Charter

Big Things are happening about food in Muskoka and we want you to be a part of it!

The District of Muskoka and its partners are developing a Food & Agriculture Charter, a document that will help to direct the future of all things food in Muskoka for years to come.  For it to work, we need to hear from everyone who eats! That's you, your friends and neighbors, co-workers, etc.

The District of Muskoka, SAVOUR Muskoka, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit as well as several other recognized community-based groups and citizens have embarked on a project to develop a Food & Agriculture Charter unique to Muskoka.

A food charter is a document that outlines a community's vision and priorities on matters related to food and their local food system. Once developed and endorsed by the community, including its decision-makers, a food charter can be used by municipalities, local service providers, community groups and many others as a guide to making decisions that are consistent with the charter priorities. These could be decisions about policies, programs, community initiatives or even personal choices.

The Steering Committee is committed to the development of a Muskoka Centric Charter that supports safe, sustainable local food production, access, distribution and consumption.  The committee will ensure diverse representation and input from the community.


  1. To build community understanding about their local food system including strengths, gaps and needs
  2. To provide opportunities for inclusion of community members through working groups, community consultations and task specific work
  3. To be creative and open to ideas that will ensure the charter supports:
    1. Community heath
    2. Economic development
    3. Ethical land use focusing on conservancy and stewardship
    4. Self reliance and social empowerment
  4. To develop and finalize a Muskoka Food & Agriculture Charter will be endorsed and implemented

Click here to view the Muskoka Food and Agriculture Charter brochure.

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