School's Cool

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School’s Cool is about leveling the playing field for all children entering kindergarten.  The goal of  the program is to provide an opportunity where every child has had a good start to school and is on a pathway for school success.
The School’s Cool program uses a solution-focused approach to help give preschoolers confidence, school readiness skills, and an excitement for learning.

In 24 sessions, School’s Cool can help decrease the skill gap between children who are ready and those who are not ready for school.
School’s Cool has the results it does because of a unique and deliberate combination of 10 factors:
  1. Philosophy focuses on strengths and promotes a solution-focused approach
  2. Play-based Learning that’s developmentally appropriate for 3 – 5 year olds
  3. Proven Curriculum provides children with a solid foundation of skills for kindergarten
  4. Focus on Outcomes promotes specific and measureable skill development
  5. Flexible Implementation suits a variety of early learning environments
  6. Instructor-child Ratio ensures each child has quality time with the instructor
  7. Parent Involvement is critical to child’s success
  8. Training helps the instructor implement the curriculum effectively and achieve optimal outcomes with children and parents
  9. Evaluation is built into the program using the School’s Cool Developmental Checklist©
  10. Comprehensive Package includes School’s Cool kit, training, and evaluation
Run by Muskoka Family Focus and Children's Place to find out more about Muskoka's School's Cool Program,

You can also check out the School's Cool Website.