Family Law Information Centre (FLIC)

Family Law Information Centres (FLIC)s are located in most courts that deal with family law matters, and meet the needs of clients who do not have a lawyer, or are new to the court system. 
At the FLIC, you can find brochures and information about family law in Ontario, or speak with an advice lawyer.  It is a good idea to get this information before making important decisions.
Family Law Information Centres have information about:
  • Court forms,
  • How to get a lawyer,
  • Family mediation,
  • Effects of separation and divorce on children,
  • Community services, and
  • Other issues that may be important to you. 
FLIC staff can provide a variety of assistance, including:
  • Helping you understand the court process,
  • Providing you with court forms,
  • Explaining how to obtain your own lawyer,
  • Answering general legal questions,
  • Refering you to services and resources in your community, and
  • Explaining how other government agencies can help you.
Advice Lawyer Service
Advice lawyers can give you general legal information on family law matters, without charge; and,in certain circumstances, may be able to give you legal advice specific to your case.
Contact your local FLIC to find out when the advice lawyer is available.

Click here to view a list of the FLIC offices in Ontario.