Baby Proofing and Kids Safety at Home

We all want to keep children out of harm’s way. Whether you’re a child care professional, a new parent, or anything in-between, it can feel overwhelming to keep track of kids who seem to be attracted to harm like moths to a candle.

Sadly, the most common causes of injuries and death for children younger than 18 are preventable accidents.  Eliminating the serious risks from your home will allow you to relax and let your kids roam more freely.

The Baby Proofing and Child Safety at Home guide isn’t intended to cause unnecessary worry or work. Instead, we want to put your mind at ease by exposing the many risks in your home and providing simple solutions to help you avoid preventable injuries. This complete home safety guide covers a wide variety of childproofing areas and considerations.

Following these tips and suggestions will significantly reduce the hidden dangers in and around your home. We’ll also introduce different products and ideas to help you protect children of all ages. Let’s get started!

by Krista Nilsen Bordn