Family, Youth and Child Services of Muskoka

Services to children while in care include daily care and support, educational support, preparation for independence, visits with natural family, appropriate medical, dental and optical care, and counseling.  Individualized Service Plans are developed for each child/youth as part of the Agencies commitment to all children in Agency care.
Children and youth who reside in Agency foster care or group care are provided a copy of their own Book of Rights. This book has been developed to assist children and youth understand their rights and responsibilities while in Agency care.
To help strengthen families Family, Youth and Child Services offers multiple services to alleviate tension and resolve conflicts in the family.  Some issues that are dealt with are children and bedtime, negative attitudes, potty training, teens and drugs, children and chores, parents fatigue, safe sleep, and supermarket survival.  Children will learn through experience and interaction the strategies specific to their needs that will help them prosper in their family dynamics.

A series of tipsheets related to various parenting challenges including shopping with your children, safe sleeping for your baby, parent fatigue, chores, teens and drugs, potty training, negative attitude and children and bedtime. Brought to you by Family, Youth and Child Services in partnership with Alyson Schäfer.

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Counselling Walk-In Clinic (CWIC)