Community Kitchens

The Community Kitchen provides the opportunity for individuals to get together in a group setting and cook.  These programs are part of the bigger picture of skill building and engagement.

Community Kitchens bring people together to:
  • Make wholesome and nutritional meals on a budget
  • Socialize and share recipes
  • Learn how to work together - better
  • Expand culinary skills
  • Share responsibility in the kitchen
  • Feed the soul and the stomach

My kids are very picky eaters, but they get excited when it is community kitchen day because they know we will have lots of great food to eat when I come home.  Little do they know I’ve learned to hide the healthy stuff really well….”

We eat together as group, it is nice to have friends and know I am not alone…”


What does IMPACT stand for? 

Individuals Making Positive Actions Together

As of 2013, there is a new "Food Program Hub" in our region.  This fully equipped kitchen space is located at the Employment Resource Building in Gravenhurst.  This Hub will allow for the consolidation of resources and materials into one space and will provide a permanent base for training and evaluation.  It will also provide the opportunity for social inclusion and a meeting place for anyone who would like to be our guest.

“No one wants a hand out……” 

“Change happens because people fight for it…..”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet…"