YWCA of Muskoka

   About YWCA Muskoka:

YWCA Muskoka champions positive change for women and girls. The organization focuses on preventing violence; reducing the impact of poverty; making women’s issues more visible; connecting with senior women; and enhancing organizational capacity. We do this through building bridges of connection in Muskoka.  For more information about our programs please go to our website:  www.ywcamuskoka.com.

Working in partnership with municipalities, school boards and community partners, we take programs and opportunities to people verses people to programs, an effective program delivery model in geography that spans 4,900 km.  Uniquely, we have become a "YWCA Without Walls", serving over 1,500 individuals in 25 locations throughout Muskoka.

Mission: "YWCA Muskoka champions positive change for women and girls."

Vision: "All women and girls thriving in a safe community of possibility."

Strategic Directions:

YWCA Muskoka will champion positive change for women and girls by working to:
  1. Prevent violence, particulary against women and girls
  2. Reduce the impact of poverty
  3. Advocate on issues that affect women and girls
  4. Provide leadership on issues that affect older women
  5. Enhance organizational

YWCA Muskoka is proud to be one of 33 Member Associations of YWCA Canada. For more information on YWCA Canada please visit ywcacanada.ca.

YWCA Canada is a member of World YWCA, an international movement uniting some 25 million women working in over 100 countries to achieve social justice imperatives by increasing the participation of women at all levels of society. World YWCA members join together to work for peace with justice, sustainable development, human rights for all, and environmental integrity. Please visit www.worldywca.org to find out more about World YWCA.


YWCA Girlz Unplugged

Girlz Unplugged is a self-esteem and confidence building program for girls in grades 5-8. YWCA Muskoka has developed and delivered this program in elementary schools in Muskoka for 14 years.  Girls meet weekly to explore healthy relationships, self-care, body image and being media and internet saavy through crafts, role play, discussions, laughs and fun. The program is offered at each elementary school in Muskoka, and as an after school program at Moosedeer Point. Girlz Unplugged is also run in the summer as a week-long day program in the Muskoka communities of Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville. 
  • To increase awareness of issues important to young girls
  • To provide an adult mentor and a safe space for girls
  • To build girls' self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness
  • To help girls recognize the elements of healthy relationships
  • To build peer support among girls
  • To develop girls leadership

Contact Us:
Stacey Schat, Director of Youth Programs, (705) 645-9827

YWCA Power of Being a Girl Conference

A YWCA Canada signature event aligned with the Week without Violence, Power of Being a Girl focuses on girls' developmental need to prevent violence in the lives of girls, women and their community. A full day event for girls, the conference gives girls an opportunity to explore topics important to them, express themselves and learn about violence prevention. This program has been offered by YWCA Muskoka annually since 2006.
  • To increase awareness about violence against girls and women
  • To increase knowledge of violence prevention and how girls can contribute for positive social change
  • To promote and develop skills for girls leadership

Contact Us:
Stacey Schat, Director of Youth Programs, (705) 645-9827

YWCA Quest

Since 2007, YWCA Muskoka has offered a school based lifeskills program to support boys at critical turning points in their lives. Elementary school aged boys meet with a facilitator weekly over 12 weeks.  Together, they embark on a QUEST to explore individual strengths and uniqueness, look at character, respect, build life skills, develop positive peer relations and learn to navigate challenges as they arise.  This program is partially funded by the Government of Canada, Ministry of Public Safety. As of 2011, it is offered at each elementary school in Muskoka with two streams for grade 5/6 and 7/8 boys. A pilot program for secondary school boys will launch in 2012.

  • Improve youth problem-solving skills and assess choices in various situations
  • Improve peer relationships by encouraging peer support
  • Increase level of positive engagement with peers, family, school and broader community
  • Improve conflict resolution skills
  • Identify and emulate healthy relationships

Contact Us:
Stacey Schat, Director of Youth Programs, (705) 645-9827

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