Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP)

Parents aged 16-25 who have not completed high school are eligible to participate in the Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) Program, a program coordinated through The District Municipality of Muskoka.  

In order to remain eligible for assistance, all LEAP participants must be on the path to completing their high school diploma or equivalent.  LEAP participants' will continue to be eligible for assistance, regardless of age, as long as they continue to participate, make satisfactory progress in LEAP requirements and continue to meet eligibility requirements.  A $500 bursary is provided to participants who successfully complete the LEAP requirements.

Participation in LEAP is mandatory for parents aged 16 and 17 who have not completed high school and who are Ontario Works participants or are part of a benefit unit receiving financial assistance under Ontario Works.
The learning element of LEAP requires participants to regularly attend an educational program leading to a high school diploma or equivalent; or attendance at a post-secondary institution as a mature student. 
The earning element of LEAP--- participants have access to the full range of employment supports to develop employment skills and become job-ready.
The parenting and child development element of LEAP promotes children's growth and development and supports parents to become better caregivers and educators for themselves and their children. A minimum of 35 hours of participation in an approved parenting program are required.

To find out more about the LEAP Program, contact The District Municipality of Muskoka Community Services office at 705-645-2412 ext. 275 or click here to send an email.