In Muskoka, there are several barriers to employment that many people face.  Community Services agencies work with individuals to help with solutions so that sustainable, suitable employment is possible.  Some of the barriers include lack of basic essentials such as child care, food security, housing, managing addictions, transportation or even proximity to potential employers.  Below are some of the initiatives in place, or will be in place in the near future, to help with overcoming barriers to employment.

Transportation Services

Transportation is a major barrier to employment in Muskoka. With limited public transportation systems, residents in rural Muskoka communities face challenges in accessing local job markets:  job searching, attending interviews or getting to work.

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Child Care

OW endeavors to remove any child care barriers for clients on their road to employment. Clients may obtain assistance with their child care costs while working, training or in school. The child care service may be formal or informal, licensed or unlicensed care.

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Stable and adequate housing is also a barrier to employment. Social Housing provides affordable rental housing for people whose income prevents them from finding adequate housing in the private rental market.  Many people who live in social housing pay a rent that is based on their income.

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Townships and Villages Outreach Program

The District Community Outreach Program is a new program aimed at providing District of Muskoka Social Programs and Services to the outlying areas such as the Township of Georgian Bay, the Township of Lake of Bays and the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Objectives are to assist present clients, connect with other families that would benefit from our programs, increase awareness of services and to remove the stigma associated with Ontario Works.

Mental Health Programs

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Addiction Services

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Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) Program

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