The Table Soup Kitchen

The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization committed to lovingly serve the people of the Huntsville, Ontario area. We offer two weekly meals as well as a Food Bank available to all members of our community who are in need.
The Table Food Bank (TTFB) is a warm and welcoming place free of judgment. We welcome anyone from our community to come and shop for themselves based on the limits posted on our food shelves. First time guests register by providing only their name, address, phone number and number of dependents. Shoppers representing 1-2 people fill one basket, and families of 3 or more may fill two baskets (plus occasional additional items).
TTFB regularly offers beverages and snacks that may be enjoyed on our couch or table areas. A children’s play area is available and is stocked with some books and toys. Adult and children’s books, magazines, Bibles and Christian literature are available for our guests. Our Clothing and Goods section is well organized and stocked with adult and children’s clothing, footwear and outerwear.  Various kitchen and household items, toys and bedding are available as well.

TTFB is located at 96 Main St. E, next to Anderson Produce.
Hours of Operation are:  Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 12:00-3:00 p.m.

Click here to link to The Table Soup Kitchen website, or call 705-783-5827, to learn more.