The District Municipality of Muskoka

Children's Services

The District of Muskoka assumed responsibility of Muskoka’s Child Care system, in April of 1999. Child care service delivery is governed by the Day Nurseries Act. Muskoka is served by approximately a dozen child care organizations, who provide both licensed and unlicensed child care in a number of settings. The Ministry of Children & Youth Services has maintained responsibility for licensing of the programs. Muskoka Community Services is responsible for managing the Muskoka system. Costs of all programs are cost-shared between the Ministry and Muskoka Community Services. 

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The Pines Long-Term Care Residence

The Pines is owned and operated by The District Municipality of Muskoka. It is situated in Bracebridge, the heart of Muskoka, in a quiet and established residential area, surrounded by majestic century-old pine trees. 

The Pines has been serving our elders since September 1961 with renowned care and dignity. The original facility was closed in September 2004 at which time the residents moved to our new state-of-the-art building adjacent to it. 

Our new 160 bed home hosts single rooms in either basic or private accommodation completely furnished with pine furniture that is so reflective of “old Muskoka”. The 94 preferred-rate accommodation rooms provide maximum privacy with private two-piece washrooms. 

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Muskoka Community Services is responsible for the assisted housing program (Muskoka Housing) across the district. 

Muskoka directly manages their own and some non-profit housing totaling 15 housing complexes, with a total of 385 units. Muskoka is also the administrator for the other assisted housing providers in the area, including six non-profits and one co-operative. 

Muskoka oversees these operations and provides operating subsidies to each of the other providers. 

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Community Supports and Services

Information and support is widely available directly through a number of programs and services, and indirectly through linkages to other agencies. Let us know how we can help you! 

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Ontario Works Social Assistance

Ontario Works is a program that provides financial assistance and employment assistance to persons in financial need.

The District Municipality of Muskoka delivers this program to eligible residents of the municipality.  Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have status in Canada.  Assistance may be issued to applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age under special circumstances only.

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