Victorian Order of Nurses

The Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), a national registered charity, addresses the health needs of people in Canada through services provided by nurses, other health professionals, support service workers and volunteers.  As a major provider of nursing and other services, in the home and community, VON believes that individuals have primary responsibility for their own health.  Also, that the maintenance of health directly and positively affects the quality of their lives and the value and dignity of human life is respected.
Individuals have the right to accept or refuse health care, to obtain information about their health and health care and to participate with health professionals in making decisions about and plans for the provision of their care. Individuals and families are supported so as to enable them to live and to meet death in comfort and with dignity.
Access to comprehensive, compassionate, family and community centred health care is the right of all individuals regardless of their ability to pay.
Health care providers work in partnership to develop, implement and evaluate services which respond to the expressed needs of individuals, families and communities in keeping with the principles of primary health care.
Volunteers make a valuable contribution by extending and complementing the services provided by health professionals.  At the local, provincial and national levels, volunteers help to identify needs, formulate policy, plan, promote, support and provide community health services.

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