Muskoka Housing Review Reports

In 2002 the District Municipality of Muskoka worked with a research and consulting organization, The Starr Group, Planning & Management Consultants and Christine Pacini & Associates Inc., to study Muskoka and our housing needs. Here is an introduction to what was found:

The District of Muskoka has experienced significant growth and change in all its communities since the last housing review was undertaken in 1991.  This activity has created increased pressure on services and the municipality‚Äôs ability to accommodate existing and potential population.  In addition, recent industry studies for the area have found a strong expectation amongst employers of continued employment growth in the foreseeable future.  At the same time as housing markets and economic conditions have been changing, the legislative framework dealing with housing has also changed.  The Social Housing Reform Act, 2000 has designated the District of Muskoka as a Municipal Service Manager responsible for the funding and administration of social housing in its area.
As a result of these demographic, economic and legislative changes, the District of Muskoka has decided to review its housing needs and prepare new policy and program directions to address these changes.
The overall purpose of the Muskoka Housing Review is to develop a comprehensive community strategy for dealing effectively with affordable housing issues in Muskoka.  The review will involve an evaluation of the current housing situation, including factors affecting supply and demand, and the development of targets and programs and policy recommendations about future housing needs.

Click here to link to the Muskoka Housing Review (April 2002).

Click here to link to the Muskoka Housing Review - Revised Draft Action Plan (July 2002).