Muskoka Victim Services

Muskoka Victim Services is a program designed to help people in crisis. The Victim Services model uses trained Victim Crisis Responders to provide immediate onsite crisis intervention to victims of crime or tragic events. It allows a community to participate in reducing the negative impact of crime and tragedy, both for those who have been personally traumatized by an event and the larger community that is also affected.
You can volunteer with Muskoka Victim Services and participate in a 40 hour training program to be a Victim Crisis Responder (VCR). They offer a training course that includes topics for dealing with victims of crimes/tragic circumstances such as:

• Domestic Violence or Partner Assault
• Elder Abuse
• Sexual Assault
• Physical Assault
• Fraud
• Break and Enter
• Property Crimes
• Criminal HarasSment

Tragic Circumstances
• Sudden Death
• Suicide
• Accidents
• Personal/Family Crisis

Muskoka Victim Services offers several of the following programs:

VQRP - Victim Quick Response Program (a program designed to assist victims of Assault, Homicide or Hate Crimes with immediate assistance, i.e. Counselling, Emergency Home Safety Expenses,  Emergency Childcare Expenses, in order to lessen the impact of the crime).

SUPPORTLINK (A district-wide program dedicated to assisting all victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking by the means of safety planning, emergency 911 cell phones, ongoing follow-up and referrals to other agencies).

COURT SUPPORT (Family Court Support for women who are victims of domestic violence and who are going through the Court system for Divorce, Separation and Child Custody Issues).

Contact info:
After Hours: 705-646-6544
Toll Free: 1-877-229-2217
SupportLink: 705-645-6117