Ontario Seniors Secretariat

The Ontario Seniors' Secretariat (OSS) undertakes or influences policy initiatives that improve the quality of life of Ontario seniors and supports public education efforts for and about older Ontarians.  The OSS also works with Ontario's major seniors’ organizations and other provincial ministries, as well as federal and municipal governments, to ensure the needs of older Ontarians are considered in all government policies and programs that could affect their quality of life.
The Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat works to improve the quality of life for Ontario’s seniors by:
-       Developing policies and programs that meet the needs of seniors and help them lead active, healthy and dignified lives.
-       Advising the development of policies and programs across the government on behalf of seniors.
-       Providing seniors with the information they need about vital programs and services, healthy lifestyles and aging.
-       Promoting the important contributions seniors make to families, communities and the province of Ontario.
-       Maintaining close working relationships with seniors’ organizations across the province.

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