The Friends

The Friends service provides support to family and friends involved in caring for individuals who are disabled, chronically ill, and frail or elderly. 
The Friends will provide education, training, information, referrals, social/emotional support, and in-home respite services to family caregivers.  Caregiver services include: monthly support group meetings; telephone support and information; linking caregivers to other caregivers for conversation and support, and to community services which may help them; workshops on topics of interest; regular column in the local newspapers; a lending library of books, articles, videos etc., in-service training for service providers; and public awareness and community presentations. 
Monthly Caregiver and Health Specific Support Group Get-togethers/meetings are an opportunity to meet others to share concerns, learn about helpful information, laugh, and enjoy refreshments. 
All are held from 1:30 - 3:00, year round (weather and other factors permitting). There is no cost to attend. Assistance may be available if you need caregiver relief to care for someone, or ride to attend.  All are welcome. 
For more information, call 705-746-5102 or toll free 1-888-746-5102 or email, or click here.